Arch users: Does anyone use the cower tool? I did a fresh install on my laptop and can't find it on aur's pages anymore. I read into it being 'replaced' by something called auracle? Not sure if anybody is up to speed on that, but at the very least cower's package pages have been removed from aur.

A tool like cower only saves me a little trouble of writing a bash script to update all my aur packages at once, but it was one less thing to do without using an AUR helper (which I've been consistently suggested to stay away from). How do you streamline this process on your machines?

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    Why don’t you use aur helpers? If you use them carefully, nothing bad will happen.
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    Im working on an conainer powered builder to ensure a clean environment and to see errors early.
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    Real Arch users don't need AUR helper. We build it ourselves. That way its hard but minimal chance of breaking system
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    @Haxk20 that’s how I plan to keep doing it. Cower was a nice way to search and download the packages from the command line to build, though
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