So since I’m in managers meetings I get a lot of info that I probably shouldn’t have. For example, I know before everyone else when we’re considering going to a new software, and I’m in the vendor discussions and pilot groups for said software.

Today a user came down and asked me to build a feature that will be included ootb in the new software we’re considering. I wanted to say no because I know we’re going to this other thing, but couldn’t because it’s not for sure. So I said I’d take care of it and ushered him on his way and now I have to build some crap that will be obsolete in eight months.

I prefer the good old days of blindly pushing buttons at the request of the evil overlords... it was so much simpler...

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    "Okay, it will need 8 Months" didnt work?
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    You like to be a minion?)
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    Hm, if it's obsolete in 8 months...

    Means there must be a final decision of no or yes in very short time.

    I'd guess 3 to 4 months?

    Pin it under requests solved by new software.

    If a request comes in that is not fulfillable by new software.... Unsolved by new software.

    Last category are blockers and migration needed.

    Visualizing helps in this case.

    Be honest to the user - we are currently evaluating our software, I'd like to wait till it's finished.
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