It’s midnight, I’m alone in the big house, it’s pitch black outside, I had a few beers already and I thought it would be a good idea to watch some horror stuff..

I want to go out to have a smoke but I’m scared as fuck now.
There are cats running around in the dark and there are so many great opportunities for some alien zombie monsters to hide and sneak up to me..

Think I became too old for this shit.


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    Story from many years ago.. my GF and me had been watching "The Grudge", with that horrible dead Japanese girl. That was a hard one!

    Anyway, some days later, in the middle of the night, I needed to visit the washroom. Since I have good night vision and didn't want to wake her up, I didn't switch on any lights. Then I came out of the washroom into the corridor of our appartment.


    There was something in white with long dark hair, just like this Japanese corpse! PANIC! I started to scream!

    Well that was my GF who wore a white pyjama, HAHA! However, she only got that I panicked, but not that SHE was the frightening thing, so she also started to panic and screamed. This in turn made me even more panic.

    We screamed at each other in full panic in the middle of the night until we realised what was going on.. LOL!
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    @Fast-Nop lmao, I'd be really mad for a couple of minutes.

    That situation of both screaming at each other is hilarious.
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    I miss spooking in the dark. For some reason, I don't anymore. There was a time when I used to walk home from work at Rhein-Main to my apartment in a little village called Walldorf, and I had about a fifteen minutes walk through these dark woods. It was the most intense fifteen minutes, especially on dark, foggy nights. There had been a little military base there at one time, where the village of Zeppelinheim got it's name, and it had overgrown with trees. You could see the outlines of where buildings had been. One of my favorite spots was a little indentation just big enough to lie down in comfortably, and I used to take naps there during warm summer days, until I realized the shape was perfectly human shape. Then it got into my mind that someone was buried there. Yeesh. Goosebumps everywhere. Now I just get annoyed at horror stuff as being silly. I miss being scared.
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    @Fast-Nop haha sell that story to the marketing of a flashlight manufacturer 😄
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    @CodeMasterAlex I like pussy..
    Don’t wanna be one though..
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    @just8littleBit I have no problem watching horror when I'm alone. There is one exception though: movies that are about ghosts, such as poltergeists or demons. Because I have had a few real life experiences with such entities I never watch such movies when I'm alone... Guess that makes me somewhat pussy too.
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