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    sucks, but compared to other devices i rarely have to do updates on my mac and they never take more than 30 minutes.
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    @lknk true. The updates are rare compared to Windows :D
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    @deeaarbee and most important, user has actual control over them :D
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    dude windows updates take like 20 minutes AT MOST when you actually just leave auto-update on. It doesn't even kick you off your PC randomly if you let it update itself.

    jesus guys learn to configure your shit
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    @kLue @deeaarbee I've never experienced a random update on my windows machine. It only updates when I reboot the computer (if the update is available, not all the time), and it's never longer than even 5 minutes. Idk what windows you are using
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    We see so many people ranting about the windows update stuff, little do they know that Mac OS is secretly worse..

    At least it's not as common as windows
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    @lxmcf People that spend £2,000 on something are less likely to complain about it :)
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