Do you guys take your main laptop with you on vacation / travel abroad?

I can't afford to lose my laptop. Every work is saved in it. Some important files have been backed up to cloud. But that's it.

Can't risk getting it damaged or stolen or taken in custody when abroad.

But, if something in my server fucks up when I'm abroad, i want to be able attend it and get it addressed.

I'm thinking of buying a low cost portable laptop to use incase an emergency situation happens.

How do you guys manage such situation?

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    Most of my important project is on remote repo but I still bring my laptop around me anywhere
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    Are there any non-portable laptops? I mean besides your current one.
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    I suggest only taking things that you are willing to lose if the worst were to happen.
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    Is there a reason you don't make a full backup at home on a external harddrive? Would be good practice and cheaper than a second laptop.
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    Any file that is not backed up is not important
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    I have 2 PCs at home
    But when I'm around I usually fix shit with my own mobile
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    Build yourself a cheap home server with a Raspi, a Bananapi, Odroid HC1 or the like. It can be fileserver, git server, test webserver, etc, etc.

    The cheapest version with a Raspi, 2 HDDs and an external HDD for backups will be less than 200€.

    If you don't need much space, you could even try to build it upon USB drives, 128GB are around 20€ each, 64GB less than 10€ each, so it would be possible to stay beneath 100€ for a really small system.
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    Just make a backup. Don’t see the issue
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    I'm gonna get to taking proper backup. I guess i was just lazy.
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    @HoloDreamer lazy like
    "My ashtray is full i need a new car" 😄
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