Product sending an email: Can I confirm feature A is all set for its release on April 30th?

Me: ... what? no that feature is going out with Feature B, that was pushed back to June because of the server issue.

Product: No, the release plan document says April 30th for this.

Me: ... theres 6 copies of this doc now. Someone is after deleting my comments saying "releasing with Feature B". Oh look heres a link to another doc that says this. See Feb14th "Will go out with Feature B". This is because they are touching the same code, we can't separate them now without re-writing it.

*Me to myself*: Ha product are going to hate this, their shitty processes have finally caught up with them.

*next day*

Other manager: So heres my plan for the app release x, y, z.

*Me to myself*: ... his plan? this is my app, I mange this. What the hell is this?

*reads email thread*

*Me to myself*: ... oh so product really didn't like my reply, took me off the thread, sent a response to all the other managers asking for alternatives, CC'ing upper management. The same upper management I had a private conversation with yesterday about how shit our product team are.

*cracks knuckles*

I'm going to enjoy writing this reply.

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    Glad my company uses Confluence and there are no separate links to the same document.
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    @NarkoCat clarification: 6 copies of the same confluence document. 6 completely independent documents all of which started off as a clone of the one before it and were then modified. But with the old links hanging around. Meaning the truth is a little bit of each document.

    I can already tell you are scratching your head trying to figure out how this is even possible ... let me stop you right there. Save your time, you won't, 10 months in and I can't understand it either. This place is where IQ points go to die.
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    I'm so mad for you. Rip that fucking manager new holes x, y, z so that he loses his shit faster than he can spew it.
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    No job is worth this much stress.
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    Haha keep us updated, this sounds good
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    @Number0 @SkuunAn there are 10 types of people in the world
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    @Charmesal haha elaborate
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    @SkuunAn well you've got @Number0 who seems concerned and tells @practiseSafeHex to leave his job and then there's you who is laughing diabolically and wanting to hear more.
    The 10 was merely a binary joke. But you know what they say about how explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog. You understand it better but it's dead now.
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    @practiseSafeHex sounds like a time travelling startup, where can I join?
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