We spent 80% of development time implementing a feature requested by a client. Client for no reason says "the feature is no longer needed take it out ". Am so fucking furious now. Such a waist of time

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    don't get attached to your code
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    The Legend of Zelda: Waist of Time
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    Main reason why I don't take client based work seriously.

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    Change is one of the constants in software development, deal wirh it. I feel your pain but the loss is for the client, assuming he pays for your work. I once made a functional design for a client, made a technical design, and implemented quite some part of it. After 2 months the project got cancelled... there goes my precious, well designed application. Client said that they acquired a company and now the application wasn't needed anymore. That 50k already spent on it, which was now effectively just thrown away, was nothing on a 1.5m budget, so no problem at all.
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    its happening to me daily bro ...
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