Hi guys, do you recommend any set of questions for an interview with Junior Java Developer?

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    1. Is java pass by reference or pass by value?
    2. Print the counterintuitive example from 1 and ask them the output.
    3. Ask them if they know lambdas/streams and present them with a somewhat complex example where they have to guess what it does.

    Ask them at each question they don't know how would they approach it should they meet that during work (that way you can evaluate how much they would rely on seniors).
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    What correlation exists between equals and hashCode?
    How do basic hash structures work?
    How would you compile a java project without any IDE?

    The last killed a bunch of candidates. Sadly.
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    - what collections do you know?
    - Whats the diff btwn set and a list?
    - explain diff btwn static and instances?
    - what does a final modifier mean?
    - what's an interface? What's an abstract class? Diff?
    - what's a design pattern? What patterns do you know?
    - what's a queue?
    - how do threads work? What is critical section? What is synchronization and what are some of the ways to sync threads?
    - what do you think of pizza w/ pineapple?
    - what is a jvm?
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    Please provide answers along with questions 😅
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