• 13
    Wtf! Isn't safari sandboxed and all?
    How da Funk does photoshop break a browser 🤷‍♂️
  • 8
    The fuck?! 😐🤣
  • 4
    Macos spaghetti
  • 4
    another reason to be happy that I don't do front-end
  • 5
    Holy shit this is weird. Maybe photoshop changes the system cursor or something.
  • 4
    @Lensflare probably something like this
    I somewhat regularly run into stuck cursors or pieces of software windows on top of something else when tabbing too fast back and furth
    PS might hook cursors globally somehow and fail to release it again when not in focus
  • 2
    That real? - Still shaking my head.
  • 1
    @C0D4 they try to get Safari to be faster in ways that are apparently not thread safe
  • 2
    Wtf ? It's like, to fix your car, adjust the rearview mirror in the adjacent car !!!
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