It's Friday guys.

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    Thx almost forgot
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    And if you have to ...
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    Perfect time to launch new model training though!
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    If you have a good CI/CD, this is laughable.
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    Thou shalt not committee
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    Not a joke:

    Is the five day workweek a thing still?

    I always thought it as a myth.

    Maybe it's a decade of working minimum or near minimum wage jobs, but the impression I got even from people not doing wage work was:

    you can be called in at any time. You can have your schedule changed with less than a days notice. You can have days vanish that you were scheduled for. You can have days added that you weren't scheduled for. You can be called five minutes before they need someone because someone left or called in. You could work 12 hours that day, or 4.

    Or is this just wagework thats completely unpredictable?
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    @maushax A good CI/CD doesn't stop you from triggering a build/deploy of buggy code late on a Friday. It just makes it easier to do so and not realize what you've done.
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    @JustThat if you deploy buggy code to production, the problem is not the CI/CD, is the shitty management of the workplace.
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