Someone at work snuck something past the censors.

Our Hadoop servers all have "bigd" in their name 😂

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    Don't be so malicious. It could be "big daddy" for all you know.. which is a lot worse, actually.
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    Now I'm jealous. I wish ours have the same naming convention so I can rant "Scanning bigd is so haaaard. It's just way too biiiig and it takes too long to finiiiiish!"
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    Oh yeah, baby, give me all that data. Dump your load into my stream.

    Okay, I'll stay away from this thread now. Sorry.
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    Yeah, I was definitely a little worried about what I'd find when I came back to read these comments 🤣
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    @rutee07 sales/marketing ppl when you mention big Data be like lmfao
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    @ihatecomputers he/she used to go all out, i guess i ruined it 😔
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    "Snuck isn't a word Conan and you went to Harvard and you should know that."
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