Just ran "rm -rf <project_folder>" instead of "rm -rf <project_folder>/Library/PackageCache"

I'm almost afraid to open the project itself right now

I stopped it like a second later, but still it has deleted some project configuration :(

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    Pains of using -f without giving it a thought
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    there are 2 kinds of people:
    - these who make regular backups
    - these who will make regular backups
    (also there is bonus kind of people)
    - these who will just never learn

    I guess you are transiting from #2 to #1 ?
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    @DubbaThony I actually deleted my backup for this project like a week ago... and that command needs to be run EVERY time I open that project
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    Setup automated script to do backups for you, and if you are on windows take a look at one of these:

    - sync back freeware
    - acronis true image (paidware but can save your butt multiple times)
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    All important data do have several backups, also on other storage media. No backup means irrelevant data, so nothing important was lost.
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    git pull
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