So yeah, despite the technological advancements at present. Paying a lot of money just to have an internet connection with a maximum speed of only 5mbps, and having no connection during the evening.

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    Sounds like Germany.
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    Cut internet, tv, cellphone and satellite signal and it sounds like paradise.
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    Imagine that 30 years ago ordinary people didn't have cellphones, internet, social media and other modern gizmo's ...
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    @metamourge Yeah it does.
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    Actually I'm from the Philippines, but a lot of countries do feel me, so hello
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    When you paid for 7GB of data ($15/month) then you can’t use it due to bad signal
    When you paid for 7mbps of lte signal ($50/month) and the company decide to throttle you at night for a “equitable sharing” of the network bandwidth.
    From Haiti
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