My mom is a basic user that needs to use only basic apps to chat and speak with family, post photos and play one or two games.

She is always ranting about how difficult is to do simple things. And she is mostly right.

Like, where are my fucking photos gone?
Why is facebook/whasapp/whatever different today, where are the fucking buttons gone?
what the fuck happened (when while clicking something a update windows popup and you click something else). Why the buttons are so small (when you want to close a fucking ad windows with a little invisible fucking "x" somewhere and you click the ad instead)?
I don't want no fucking cookies.
Why after windows update my fucking game doesn't work anymore. Why I can't hear anything through the fucking skype?

The fact that she knows I'm one of the moron who builds kind of not-usable and buggy fucking things, doesn't help.

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    oh dear! I felt like I was reading something about my mom. LOL
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    @Alice yeah to be fair you are right about this one. Except the message now an then about "whatsapp expired, you need to pay 1$ to keep using it".
    OR just don't pay and keep using it anyway. Never understood that, but I still see it sometimes.
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