I just relised that my primary school had more "cs" lessons then high school
it was just one lesson with python turtle

The most high school has is photoshop and dreamweaver

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    Imagine having CS lessons before college.

    Can't relate
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    We had a keyboarding and spreadsheet class. And not the sort you see in college involving word and excel either.

    No we learned on some old dos programs that were nearly a decade old. On machines that were about the same age 🙄
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    It's true, in our school also they started teaching HTML CSS from 9th standard. But during our 9th they taught us only c++ (not started with c) and no html or css..
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    I was lucky enough to get into a vocational school for junior year. Skip half the day,go to a different School and do CS for 4 hrs.

    If only actual high school was any use in that area.
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    @deadPix3l my senior year of high school I went home after lunch and took college classes online (from the local community college).

    Sadly nobody told me I could have taken CS classes online, so I only took general education classes.

    (Although now that I've typed this out and thought about it, I don't think the CS class would transfer to my uni, so it would have been a waste in a way.)
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    Although im curently doing an online game design couse
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