uhh interesting, bing search engine algorithm open sourced.
Will anybody have a look at it?


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    That's actually very cool and relevant to many of today's hot topics. Graph theory is fascinating.
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    That's actually really cool! Thanks for sharing too.
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    This is legit awesome
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    M$: after years of development and millions of dollars spent our algo still isn’t as good as google’s.
    M$ boss: open source that shit. Folks will have it optimized as a side project in 2 weeks
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    @jeeper that's kind of the point of open source, apart from strengthening trust between billion dollar companies and their clients.
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    @jeeper , I'm not sure one can claim that Google's or Bing's search algorithms are "better". I prefer Bing's results because for my usage I think the results tend to be more relevant. YYMV on a number of factors. And, I'm deliberately not thinking about the vastly important secret sauce that each uses to promote some results over others (based on kickbacks, advertising, and other ways in which we've sold our souls to the search engine tyrants)
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    anybody tried?
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