*On a programming support forum*

Guy: My compiler keeps throwing null pointer exception at line 128.
Me: Ok. Can you post your code real quick so I could figure out what is null at line 128?
Guy: No I'm not going to show my code to someone on the internet. What if you want to steal my code?
My mind: "Dude wtf why would I steal someone's code on a support forum?"
Me: *Use the next 15 minutes explaining that showing the code is necessary so that others can actually help him, and that no one on a support forum is going to steal his code.*
Guy: "You know what I'm more convinced that you want to copy my code. I might as well just try to fix this on my own."


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    Weird how someone who struggles to fix a null pointer exception seems convinced that his code is worth stealing
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    We know you’re spy who want to steal that code to destroy universe.
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    Well there are 2 kinds of them
    1.) Has the game changing idea and wants you to build it for him for free
    2.) This
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    Honestly I'd give up right away after reading steal code part 🙈
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    That's might be the rare infinity code, what if once you have it, you snap you go in the past and kick the guys ass real hard.
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    Next time save your 15 mins of time, if they don't want to share un-steal worthy code.
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    What is wrong with that guy..... (=__=)
    I'll be proud as hell if someone thinks my code is worth stealing...
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    He needs to assign the variable at line 127.
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    I actually knew a guy like this at uni. He was always talking how he's gonna password protect the code he had to hand in for his thesis because "I wrote the code, so the university doesnt own it, if they want to use it they should pay me" completely ignoring that it says in the terms and conditions the uni owns everything submited. Some people are just the shining example of the Dunning-Kruger effect...
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    @CptFox persecution syndrom.
    He have the behavior of low iq man. Guess his brain is in some sort of bliescreen since ever
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    When your just a null pointer exception away from program to dominate the world.
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    This guy frustrated so much me even though I wasnt the one interacting with him
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    Should be like. Oh I see the problem it is on line 123 right before the semicolon.

    What you didn't know SO gives us access to your computer as soon as you sign in to speed up the process.

    He quits SO and never comes back 🤭
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    Just tell the guy to delete all of line 128 then.

    Maybe line 127 and line 129 as well, just to be safe.
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