So my IT teacher wrote his own web server framework for NodeJS and he forces us to use it for assignments. Would be fine if:
1. It worked properly.
2. It had any kind of documentation.
3. He knew how it worked.

But no, we have to debug his shit and edit the js files in node_modules to get shit working.

Is he open to suggestions? Not really. If you have a fix, you have to create a gitlab account and send a pr. Even if you tell him what exactly is wrong. He won't do anything about it.

Why use express when we can learn something we'll never use again?

At this point I think we're using it only so that he gets downloads on npm.

Oh ya, he also copies package.json from project to project instead of creating a new one with up to date dependencies.


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    smug teacher, obviously because he is uncapable of doing it in the industry... "those who can't do it..."
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    Sounds like he is setting you up for the corporate world to me.. get used to having to fix that MVP with no documentation that’s been in production for a decade where the only people who know anything about it are dead or dying
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    You have no idea how lucky you are to have an instructor that teaches you through modern stacks. Try c projects, no libraries permitted. Building of all things linked lists.
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