One day, someone at Google decided that what their search engine was really missing was a dice rolling tool, complete with text that says 'Rolling...'

Stocks are up 600% since then.

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    googles assistant (in allo) can roll a die as well... unfortunately you can't subscribe to it.
    No daily dice roll for me 😢
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    didnt work on my desktop
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    @yarwest doesn't work on my phone either. that's weird
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    Worked on my phone
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    They're behind the times if there is no real-time rolling animation with realistic physics and a plethora of surfaces and wall shapes to collide with.
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    Given a google employee is a relatively successful tabletop role-playing game designer, are you really surprised?
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    Had to try. Got a "1". Tried roll two dize but then it recommended me to install a dice roller app
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    @benzouki I closed all of them about a week ago, sometimes it reaches over 100...
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    Does it have a 20, 8, or 4 sided one tho?
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