So i just had an interesting conversation.

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So some background. I used to do a lot of Minecraft development and server configuration. And Minecraft being made of mostly 12-year-olds they really don't pay very well. So I moved on from Minecraft but someone reached out for me to do their configuration for their server. (this was about a month ago) and I quoted them 40/hr because that's what I charge for my web dev work. So he promptly declined and I thought that was that. But tonight he messaged me and found a 5 month old post saying how I was looking to do free development work in order to get experience. And here is how the converstion when.

(His name is "Candy")

Trying to take advantage of me with your bullshit $40/hour claims
Which is outright laughable
”I am looking for a network to stay long-term with and help/see it grow into a bigger server. (I would expect pay later down the road if we work together on an ongoing basis)”

Quoting your MC-Market post.
What do you have to say for yourself? Trying to take advantage of people?
Going to say something else completely delusional or own up to the fact that you were trying to take advantage of me?
I already knew you were, but now I have the hard evidence.
As I am not a stupid person.
Not only did your friend lie, but you tried to take advantage of me, thinking I was stupid enough to fall for your $40/hour bullshit for basic configuration work. MineSaga charges $30.00 an hour on the high. Don’t even try to do the same shit you did to me to anyone else. It won’t work.

Me:I was interested in doing plugin development and learning so I offered my services for free so I could learn in a more real environment. I no longer do minecraft plugins rather I am a web developer and my rate is $40/hr I am good at configuration which is why i contacted you but I am not going to lower my rate because it is "simpler" work. Just like how you can higher a prostitute to wash your car but it would be cheaper to get the kid from around the block to do it. Also not sure what your end goal is here. I gave you my rate and you didn't agree with it. So you should just move on. Plus this is the minecraft world let me know when you get to the real world so you you can pay in big boy money.

So your configuration work for minecraft is $40/h as well?
Absolutely hilarious.

did you not read my message?
"I am not going to lower my rate because it is "simpler" work."

Who were your most recent clients?


i'm not going to give you that information

Because you know you are lying to me with your crazy rates, and if you aren't, that means you have near to no clients.
Yet another lie.

keep telling yourself that buddy

Good luck getting any more clients.

I get more clients all the time
They just are not in your realm of your minecraft imagination where you can pay a developer 20$/hr

I just strongly disagree with the fact that you are charging $40/hour for configurative work

But why even contact me? Did you really think trying to "Call me out" was going to have me lower my rates or something.
Just get over it

I haven't called you out and overcharging like that to others in the minecraft realm for a significant gain in money for work that is not worth nearly that amount is absolutely delusional.
I would recommend you stop making up false assumptions

Me: What ever you say

I left it at that. There was some more stuff but it was not that interesting so i left it out

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