Fuck you Windows 10, WMI Porvider host taking 22% of an i7 CPU for no reason.

Doesn't matter what PC you have, Windows will fuck it up, whatever it takes

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    @irene Shhh don't use logic

    Just autistically screech about Windows. You know the drill lmao
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    @Alice Windows 10 baby
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    Yay for Windows Management Instrumentation!

    It's an entire backdoor framework. Super useful in a domain environment; worse than useless on a home computer.
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    @Alice Im not aggresively mentioning you. Its only three times.
    And dont you see my point. Windows isnt that great
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    @irene I don't think you can, honestly.
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    @rantbook WMI provider is essential to all applications.
    The reason for it using high CPU or disk, is because some driver or app is misbehaving.
    Follow the instructions in the answer on this page, to find the culprit in your system - could be as easy as you having to update some driver.
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    Yeah that's why I use a Pixelbook. Got it as a work device and I can run Clion, IntelliJ, Android Studio with minimal hiccups. Also runs Android apps. And, if needed I could dual boot to another distro. Generally just much simpler and easier than Windows
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    @Root you're root
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    @RhymeZx Root is not on windows. And never will be.
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    @Root yeah, the only thing windows can do is to boot
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    @RhymeZx and shoot itself in the foot.

    For a language which excels in stealing words from other cultures, English has an appalling lack of rhymes.
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