I've decided to stop with boxing and start with a new combination. Muay Thay with judo. Maybe I will do bjj after mastering judo, too.

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    Get a gf instead?
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    @netikras domestic violence is not ok
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    Judo is remarkably effective against your average Wing Tsun pupil because

    1) Judo works at an even closer distance where WT doesn't work too well anymore.
    2) Nobody does Judo these days so that chances are the average WT pupil is taken by surprise with something he has never seen in his dojo.

    And Judo has some devastating street variants of throws which good senseis may show you under the guise of "please don't do it this way or else you will injure your partner".
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    @Fast-Nop I very much want to take both wing tsun and judo. I'm short and light, so I think both will compliment me well.
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    @Root I remember in our knife training (highly recommended especially for women!) group with mixed backgrounds, we also had unarmed lessons exactly because everyone did something different.

    Our trainer attacked and told me to "do something", and he was in for a throw. However, I was the only one with Judo, and I had been on holiday before, so he was taken by surprise.

    In turn, I assumed he knew his shit. In Judo, you apply caution only to less advanced partners, so he was in for full speed.

    Well he botched up the fall and earned blue, bruised rips because he got his own ellbow into them. That would have been a knockout by accident. Luckily, he was a fair guy and just admitted that he should have known better.
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    @Root Btw, why knives? Because they're equalisers. I tried that with my SO after 2 years of Krav Maga, and she wasn't able to defend meaningfully. Male upper body strength is just too much unless the woman has the advantage of surprise.

    However, when she had a (training) blade and I didn't, she would have killed me with 90% probability. With knives for both, it was 50:50, and I can take out a trained, but unarmed opponent within seconds.

    Thing is just.. most women can't do that mentally because they lack the will to extinguish a life in order to save themselves.
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    @Fast-Nop Knife training?
    Also: oof, that sounds painful. I'm glad he took it well!
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    @Root Yeah, knife training is hard to come by obviously because it works. In our group, the trainer reserved the right to demand a police CV because he didn't want to train the very people whom we might defend us from.
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    @Fast-Nop Ahh
    I don't think I'd hesitate if they were attacking me. Especially if I were in danger. If I'm going to pick someone to live, I will pick myself -- or my children.

    I'm a misanthrope, too. Besides, someone trying to harm another without reason is trash anyway, and doesn't deserve to live.

    Captain Mal: "Don’t you stand for that sort of thing. If someone ever tries to kill you, you try to kill them right back."

    I've been called cruel before, but I don't see anything wrong with this?
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    @Root Yeah mothers of all kind are never to be underestimated, that's hardwired. ^^ Plus that you'd have the women bonus in court because women just have a weaker defender position in self defence.

    If you want some research, Don Pentecost knife fighting are good keywords.
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    @Fast-Nop Thanks. I'll look it up.
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    I think out of this thread if I had to just choose two it would be Muay Thai and bjj. Judo has some good throws but a lot of them are pretty useless to someone with enough martial arts experience to never give you the leverage you’d need to perform most of them. I think bjj takedowns, while perhaps more physical or technical, Are more consistent and then get you to the ground where you’d have a pretty clear advantage over any opponent who isn’t as trained in it, regardless of size. (Speaking as a 220 lb pretty jacked ex military whose been tapped out by tons of people smaller than myself. got choked out by my own bicep by some scrawny old man, talk about a humbling experience).
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    @NSGangster my original thought was to do MT and BJJ first, but I don't have it in my area. That's why I had to choose the alternative: Judo.

    I mainly want to learn Judo because of the effective throws and a little bit of grappling.

    BJJ is more modern and focuses more on grappling than Judo.
    BJJ allows you to grab the legs of the opponent whereas Judo forbids that.

    A combination of Judo and BJJ would be perfect. They may overlap in a few techniques, but you can pick the best technique and ignore the less effective same technique afterwards.

    In case of a street fight you don't want to fight on the ground, because the attacker might have his friends around. You would be an easy target on the ground.
    That's why I will do BJJ later.
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    @M1sf3t the best version of "bad ass" :)
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    @Fast-Nop where was the knife training included? In Judo or in Wing Tsun?
    Depending on that I will maybe add Wing Tsun to the list, too.
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    @NSGangster Yeah you mostly won't apply throws where you turn your back to your opponent (e.g. o-goshi), but e.g. o-soto-gari with pressing your fingers into the eyes of the opponent and smashing the head into the ground is pretty rough.

    @M1sf3t Both guns and knives are outlawed at least for carrying in many European countries. Just carryying a knife gives jail time in UK.

    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- None of them, that was an "irregular" training group with someone who has been studying that for years. Pure luck that I got wind of that.
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    @M1sf3t On the street, the MA itself usually matters less than you'd think. The one who wins is the one who attacks first, without warning, and doesn't stop the attack until the other one is unable to fight anymore.

    Say a bar brawl. You HAVE to know that a guy with an open drink in a glass has a tactical advantage over one with a bottled beer.

    If you can kick your mental gears in within one second, i.e. from minding your business to beating someone up, your chances are good.

    Especially if the other one talks you up aggressively, which is actually a test whether you are a victim, and your reaction is to drop that scouting phase entirely.

    It's even better if your radars are on so that you recognise the danger much earlier and leave the scene in time. This is also the only thing that reliably helps against a group attack.
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