On The State of Twitter And The World
(important update: everything is still shit and heres 10 reasons why)

Why does it seem like in order to get ahead in life everyone has to self promote now?

It's not enough to be on twitter. You have to like posts. It's not enough to like posts, you have to ask directly for endorsement. But don't ask too directly. And make sure you read this "55 reasons why I don't retweet you list", where I say "remember to stay relevant!"
and "you only ever tweet me when you have something to sell." and "remember to carry on conversations."

Great so we've went back from marketing to sales.

To read the rest, don't forget to visit my fucking link..

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    You and your fucking link. Worth it tho.
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    I had to. The rant was the correct length but no matter what I did devrant wouldn't let me post it, so I assume I must have tripped some youtube-tier 'content filter'.

    Posting a rant.

    On a site.

    Dedicated to rants.
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    Site is not mobile-friendly, too lazy to scroll horizontally. Text is meant to be scrolled vertically only!
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    Man, fuck that shit, Im staying anonymous
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    I feel your pain.

    Complain to the devrant builders to let me post my obscenity uninterrupted and I won't have to resort to external linking.
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    @Wisecrack you could've used any other website that is mobile-friendly, you know? E.g. Pastebin
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