Apple just announced a new 6k monitor. The stand for it is NOT included and will cost $1000.

This snapshot of the presentation is meme-worthy.

...People will still buy it.

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    That bitch !
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    $999 is nothing for Pros lel
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    I wish China make a knock-off very soon!
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    If it will be that this then oh boy it will break and if somebody breaks it it will be "you don't know how to use it. That's why it broke"
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    @Haxk20 "sorry m8 we need an Apple repair Genius from across the contry to verify that your broken stand is actually broken and have them replace it. Only takes around 4 weeks to get him here."
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    Isn’t this more for enterprise shit? I can see those render farms or big time VFX houses using it, like Method Studios. I won’t even be surprised if my boss starts getting them for our art crew, he was pretty stoked about it despite my cautious attempts on telling him we’re just a tiny company.
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    This must be the work of an enemy γ€Œstand」
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    $999 isn't for pros, but what about $9999 and RGB?
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    What if they'd presented it like "the monitor will cost $6000. If you don't want the stand you get $1000 off." Many professionals buy monitors without stands to use with their existing setup.

    Got this from (MKBHD)
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    I was watching this live and the second they announced that the stand was separate and for $1k, the whole room fell into chatter, and they rushed it back to Tim very quickly. It was funny af
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    @err-occured I didn't see it live but I saw the video of that moment. Painfully hilarious.
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    You have to buy a VESA adapter if you want to use your own stand. No no idea what that costs though.
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    @olback the VESA adapter was presented right before the stand at $199.
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    @olback you have to buy the vesa mount or you have to buy the stand. There are no 2 ways about it, you can’t mount it without either one
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    > VESA adapter

    Who needs one of those, you just drill a few holes in the right place in your existing monitor stand and you can mount non-standard monitors, is what I do !

    HP ones are awkward as they don't like you to mix sizes, so you have to hacksaw lugs off so they fit.
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    @err-occured I searched the video and Apple Copyright Claimed all those footages but after a lot of research I found this one: https://independent.co.uk/life-styl...
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    @KartSriv that’s the one, so funny on how they have gone:

    You want this monitor, well that’s $5k, but your going to need something to stand it on, so for the privilege of being able to do so, here is a stand for $1k.

    It seems Apple is copying RED’s principles and charging extra for everything. Just be thankful the the power cable and display cables aren’t proprietary like hell and they are not charging $500 per cable.

    If you don’t know what I’m on about, see LinusTechTips unbox a RED camera
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    That stand better cook my dinner if I'm gonna pay that much!
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    Damn you were quicker to post it, btw did you all notice how they skip the slide when the stand came onscreen? i think it broke the sound barrier not to mention the whole crown was like:

    first 3 sec: silence..
    next 2 sec: wtf.. wtf.. wtf..
    next 3 sec: all laughing..
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    Kidney?? Now they want us to sell our whole body
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    @err-occured I know what RED does and they have a reason. Their customer base is oriented toward the Pro (The Proest Pros) who have lota money. Same here with Apple: All the Editors who use Final Cut Pro X relies on Mac Infrastructure and people in Holywood who uses FCPX has only one option. When the Trash Can Mac was never updated for years, people bought an iMac Pro or moved to Premier and ditched FCPX forever. This was their only move for Apple.
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    That's meant to be $9.99 right? They just missed the decimal point?
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    just drill holes in the monitor to stick a VESA on it

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    Ah nice a multi functional stand! You can use it to hang yourself too when you're sick of Apple shite.
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    Just stick it to your VESA mount with double sided tape.
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    @periculum just don't buy the monitor, maybe?
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    @Parzi was not planning to. Happy with a normal ultrawide
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    I've never found double sided tape very good at sticking anything.

    Though I do have some super industrial stuff they use to stick wings on planes with, so I'm hoping my new car doesn't fall apart when I go over a bump !
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    @periculum or hire a person to hold it while you're working 😁
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