Hey Guys,

I just started work on a new (personal) project for my portfolio and I don't know too much about design, so I'm hoping you guys can give me some feedback.

The project is going to be an app that the user can use to create a Poule (basically something like this but smaller: https://poules.com/us).

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
Also tell me if you'd want to use this type of app with your friends!

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    Also I kinda wanted the user to be able to choose from some more colors so here is the blue version
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    And here is the pinkish version
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    Seems nice! Are you planning to add a login system, or how does the polling work? But it looks really nice :)

    EDIT: nevermind, i should look at the site before asking stupid questions.
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    @syentix of course! 😉

    Not entirely sure how the polling will work as I want to give the possibility to choose the type of poule (F1, FE, Soccer Leagues etc.)

    So there is a lot of work to be done, at start I'll only implement F1 as I've found a nice API for it :)

    Also thank you!
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    Yeah, in my eyes that is a gorgeous design.
    Nice and clean.
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    Really nice design for someone who "don't know too much about design". Congrats!
    I really like it.
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    I love the design so far. Looks very clean and modern.
    You might find that playing with some gentle gradients might yield some interesting results.
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