My linkedin profile = ~7 years as an iOS developer. All of my job titles are "iOS Developer", "iOS Engineer" or "Mobile lead".

Recruiter: Hi, your profile looks great, I have a number of open roles matching your skills. Would you be free for a call to discuss your salary expectations, skills, what you are looking for etc.

Me: Hi, sorry I don't have time for a call right now, here are answers to your questions. Can you send me on any iOS job specs you have and i'll review. <answers>

Recruiter: Sorry I have no open iOS roles at this time.

Bitch ... ima find you and make you understand

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    Downside to recruiters, they don't check anything.
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    Well he tried :D
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    @C0D4 recruiters are fucking idiots
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    Half the time it's robots. I get spam for medical assistant with the same "impressed by your qualifications" garbage. I have no medical experience.
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    Me: 10years work experience with PHP.
    Recruiter: I've looked at your profile and we have some .NET jobs right now that fit your experience!

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