Does anyone like being the "tech support" at work. Like helping people when they cant send a basic email?

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    Like banging their faces in the monitor until they learn how do it? Yes. I'm a helpful person.
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    Allow me rephrase your question:

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    Did a year for a local IT firm, non stop calls from 830 until 6pm, no lunch, multi problem tasking, multi remote desktop support, no time to write up tickets, wall board with minutes logged against tickets per operator, was a complete stress cooker, users with minimal English skills, no it training! I learned patience and customer service skills, and gratitude for helping people getting paid more than I was annually. Living the dream.
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    @netikras Like also certain questions are like do I know? I still need to look it up... Why are those people to stupid to use Google for basic stuff
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    i try to be patient but that one time where a 20 year old colleage asked 'how to send a mail' i gave her up forever
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    @erroronline1 I can understand that maybe someone has never learned it at school. But in this day and age everything can easily be researched on the internet...
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    @thatguyatwork in theory yes. but i don't expect great websearch capabilities by someone who does not find the literal mail-button within outlook which is open the whole day long. i can't wrap my head about this incapability to use email by someone half my age.
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