Would you suggest MacBook Air Core i5 8th gen model for a hardcore Android Developer?
Current usage on regular basis -
- Android Studio
- 2 Android VM (MeMu, Genymotion etc)
- node.js MongoDB, Redis for server
- VS Code, Chrome, Mongodb compass
My old dell worked pretty well so far it has a core i3 with 8 gigs of RAM and 256GB SSD but processing always seemed slow but managed some how.
Suggest me if MacBook would make better choice than other windows laptop which are much more high end than MacBook on same price?

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    I wouldn't recommend a Macbook Air, the pro will be better but of course prices differ.

    Air models usually have low cpu frequencies, starting at 1.8 up till 2.x

    Since you are on Android, Gradle will cause you pain on that frequency

    I have an SSD, with Core i7 turboboost up to 3.1 and yet it takes between 1.5 and 2.5 minutes for a simple build

    If you have plans to go into iOS world, stay with macbook (I recommend you go into iOS world, it is a big + for you)

    Else just get a high end windows laptop, spin a Linux VM and all good, Android Studio on windows eats lots of RAM, no issues on my Linux VM
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    @gitpush MacBook pro is out of budget as of now. Would you suggest windows laptop instead Air?
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    @shahidcodes are you willing to develop iOS apps?
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    Android Studio is a RAM hog, so I'd suggest you to go with at least 32 gigs.
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    @shahidcodes Then get a Windows laptop and make sure it has 32GB of RAM, I have 16, it is enough but if the 32GB version is within your budget get it and you'll forget about upgrading for a long time unless Android studio reached a point where it needs a Quantum Computer to run it -_-
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    @gitpush they keep adding stuffs for no reason making it uselessly takes up more ram so 32GB makes sense.
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    @gitpush 16GB is enough on a *nix system. Let's bear in mind that Windows has poor memory management when compared to Unix/Linux. So if it works for you w/ 16G on a MAC, I'd say he should go for 32G for a windows. Unless of cource OP is willing to install Linux on it, then 16G would suffice as well.
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    get a used macbook 12" inch for $650 from ebay and get a decent ultrawide usb-c monitor instead of a new macbook air.

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    @netikras Actually I have Windows on my laptop but gave my Ubuntu VM 8GB and it works perfectly, but I always prefer adding more (not to infinite but a precaution) it helps me because now I usually have dotnet core service running, multiple dockers, a vue website ...etc. or else for a sole purpose like Android development 16 is more than enough on Linux

    @shahidcodes exactly better be prepared, for windows laptops, I prefer Lenovo, have one myself and at work the one I'm using is also Lenovo Thinkpad, its up to you which brand but from my experience, Toshiba are good but expensive, HP never liked them, Compac & Fujistu had bad experience with them. Sony Vaio (no longer exist) heard lots of great feedback about them.
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    I wouldn't suggest an apple product of any kind in any situation. Thank you for asking.
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