What (realistic) requirements would you need to run windows 10pro OS with kali linux on a VM for pentest/ coding environment ONLY. no gaming etc. ?
Im starting my software development school soon, and im needin a new laptop.
Any requirements/ good to know appreciated from you old time code gods

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    just check the virtualization capabilities of the processor of your desired laptop. But generally speaking todays laptop are powerful enough to do most task.

    But Huaweis MateBook Pro is on sale now because of the USA politics trade war. https://theverge.com/2019/2/...
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    I guess 8GB of RAM are enough to do most things, 16 if you want to run that VM constantly. Midrange ThinkPad could be a choice.
    I would get one that‘s not that bulky and heavy as you‘ll carry that thing around everyday.
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    @heyheni 1.5k for a chinese ultrabook

    Or you can spend that money on a thinkpad/xps and a decent phone
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    Not much honestly. Depends on how smooth you want your VM to run. I’d recommend 8+GB RAM and a CPU that has 4 cores but you can easily run it with 4GB RAM and a 2 core CPU. Integrated GPUs are decent enough nowadays to handle a VM with Guest Addition Tools.

    However, if I were you, I wouldn’t skimp out on a laptop for school/development. I use my laptop every day and love the shit out of it. So happy I didn’t go with my original decision of purchasing a cheapo laptop and instead applied for CC and got the one I liked the most with the best specs. I use it too much for that and would have eventually replaced it for a better one anyways. Highly recommend a nice ultrabook. Mine is so light I can pick it up with 2 fingers and not feel any weight in my backpack. I purchased the Lenovo Yoga 920 4k and I love it.
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    @possum 8GB is not enough for Android studio.
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