So who are battered husbands here like me but doesn't fight or hit back because he loves his wife so much?

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    Thats called domestic abuse and if a bitch tryna hit me they goin out cold
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    Reminds me an SJW roast video I watched last time. The woman started assaulting a group of men, one of the men had enough and pushed her. She fell on the pavement and started screaming "did you see what he did to me?" They got it on camera and it was her who started assaulting.

    Anyway, the cops were called and she was handcuffed. She started crying like a fucking bitch. Classic "I can abuse you but you can't fight back, otherwise it's REAL abuse and I'm the victim."

    Just sharin'.
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    Physically, no, psychologically and emotionally, yes. Have you tried to get counseling?
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    I also remember an aunt who is like this. Her husband is very nice and submissive but one day he had enough and posed to hit her with a broom. He didn't exactly hit her, he just posed or "threatened" to make her stop. She cried so hard because she was shocked. I don't know, man. Years of hurting someone verbally and physically, you're lucky that's all you got.
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    @iAmNaN @rutee07 Couldn't agree more. Psychological/emotional abuse is so common that most people aren't even able to recognise it.
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    Well I can't win any argument even if I'm correct. This is more than martyrdom. I'm not hitting or fighting back. I'm not gonna leave her because my family likes her and I want to give them a baby.

    I'm the one who always adjusts. My wife is like a double edged sword = very loving very caring, the other very dangerous
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    @Devnergy if she is already abusing you then imagine what lack of sleep would do when the baby comes.

    If your family aren't on your side then fuck them.

    You can always find someone better.

    You need to start valuing yourself more.

    You love her but she probably doesn't.
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    @Devnergy Sounds like a narcissist/empath relationship. Sort that woman out man or leave her ass. There’s absolutely no excuse for that shit, woman or not. And very very rarely will it ever get better unless there’s a massive shift in her mentality and self awareness
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    Talk it through with her
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    @Devnergy if that really is the case, she will 100% cheat on you sooner or later. Run while you can.
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    @tekashi I was raised well and taught to respect people. My wife is good and have not cheated on me. It is just her attitude, even her mother admitted it to me that she's a spoiled beat.

    She's very loving and takes care of me, says sorry. BUT the opposite is beyond words to explain. Worst that you can imagine. Hmm maybe the good and bad things to her balances out to me so I'm still with her. But who knows? Every person has a limit.

    She has little to no temper meter. Maybe I was raised as a good person so I have come this far. Or I'm just plain stupid, denying facts? 😂
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    Update: she said sorry ang hugged me. Here we go again. She's gonna fight/hit me then will say sorry after. Is this even legal? Then my soft (stupid?)heart will forgive her.

    Maybe in the future the cycle will start again? Fight/hit then say sorry after.

    Sorry I have put this here in devRant. Just need to let it out/seek advices
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    @Devnergy Honestly, you know what needs to be done. I don't believe that she can change that easily, hence why the only solution for now seems to be leaving her.

    On a side note, you can put yourself through whatever you want, but when you're saying all that and then add: "I want to give them a baby", that makes me angry. He/she will definitely suffer from the situation without choosing it. That's is not something one should do.
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    Do you want a baby to inherit her genes though..
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    > It is just her attitude, even her mother admitted

    > it to me that she's a spoiled

    Today's modern woman..

    More common than you can imagine, even finding one that isn't like that !
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    I'm reminded of a TV news moment where a reporter was going around asking people in the street what the secret was to a successful marriage.

    They came across this little bloke who said "Doing what the wife tells you!", and at that moment his wife appeared and dragged him away..

    So, as long as you do what they want, you can stay together.

    Be aware, if you try and leave, they will pull out all the stops to try and get you back, but I don't mean hearts and flowers..

    I mean threats.

    Death threats, police threats, all very real.

    So, if you leave, be prepared to change your name, your country, and don't look back !
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    > Maybe in the future the cycle will start

    > again? Fight/hit then say sorry after.

    Pretty sure it will repeat itself endlessly.

    I chatted to the mum of such a woman once, who told me I should put her in her place by being violent with her.

    That isn't me.

    But I can understand that it could work.

    Just then, it would be so easy for her to say, you hit her and get you arrested etc..

    In any case, even if you didn't hit her, she could just say you did !

    You got to be so careful in life, people can make trouble for you, especially a partner.

    More so nowadays as women in some countries have more rights than men.

    Proceed with caution.
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    If you want a baby, you can always adopt.

    (Though try and get one that you can see who the parents are, to get an idea of the kids genes, as you don't want a dud.)

    But a kid benefits from two good parents, two not so good parents, going to have a hard time in life.
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    Classical abuse, usually (statistically) more common by men.
    What you're describing to an extent sound like a textbook example of manic depression.
    Nevertheless, such mood swings are not normal, she has issues.
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    A baby will NOT fix what’s broken. Fix or end the relationship before a baby comes into the situation.
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    @nnee at least she's now diagnosed by a certified devRant psychiatrist
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    @Devnergy before taking any other steps, you should ask her to go with you to counseling. It's the first step toward fixing, if you want it fixed. Otherwise, the choices are to continue as is, or walk away. At the end, though, none of us here are qualified to give marital advice anymore than a psych counselor is qualified to give us advice on software design. If you are a religious person, talk to your Rabbi/Pastor/Imam/Guru; if not talk directly to a qualified marriage counselor. My opinion is that a marriage is always worth trying to repair.
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    "Do you want a baby to inherit her genes though.." - @Nanos

    Asking the right question. 😄
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    > mood swings are not normal

    Periods !

    But even without periods, women are super spoilt these days and expect everything to go their way.

    I saw quite a good video showing that the other day:


    > Wildwood police release body cam

    > footage of woman's violent arrest

    > at beach (Full video)

    The comments section is full of wisdom/etc.

    Just saying what I did, would probably get me a lifetime ban on Facebook..
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    @Devnergy so as someone who seems to attract this type of female quite often, I think I can safely say while they can be quite exhilarating and somewhat addictive, the violence will only get worse and the end result is always be the same.

    It's definitely not someone you want to have a kid with and best you cut ties now before she suspects your not going to give her one because she will most likely do her best to force the issue before you leave her.
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