Why does every Software Engineering role at the top companies never have PHP or any functional languages in it’s list of languages they want you to be experienced in?

It’s always Java, Python, C#, C/C++, Objective C or Ruby. What about Elixir, Scala, Haskell or Clojure?

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    Most PHP jobs tends to be for cms systems and shit like that, which I don't think is much for software engineers. And for the functional languages I think it has something to do with their ages
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    I guess... Because that's what the companies are using and are interested in working with?
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    Because nobody can read nor write this shit
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    A lot of the time the companies are just looking for solid engineers in whatever language. Normally it'll be a similar set of languages like C, C++ and Python or something geared toward their work but language agnostic.

    Anyone who's good can learn a new language but not everyone who knows a language is good.

    Also, there are very few jobs that use Scala, Haskell or Elixir.
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    Not listing PHP in the list of required languages is the easiest way to avoid accidentally hiring PHP devs.

    And the functional languages have one big issue: a lot of real world code is not about computing results, but about state or behaviour.
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    Because its shit.
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    @Fast-Nop For games sure, but how is an API not about computing results lmao
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    @inaba Do you really think that let's say WaitForSingleObject() is about computing something? That's one of the functions in the Win API for event management.
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    @Fast-Nop I was more talking about stuff like RESTful APIs and shit like that
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    @inaba That's about communication design, not about computing. Though of course, some of the applications are actually computing, e.g. search engine results where map/reduce comes to mind on the backend.
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