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Quick tip for those of you struggling with a error or bug you can't fix.
But that doesn't effect functionality.
Just wrap the code inside a try catch block and don't do anything inside the catch 😂😂. Saved me a lot of hours in my projects.

Nah I'm joking. Don't ever do this

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    Forgive me father for I have sinned and done this in many a uni-project where proper exception handling wasn't a success criteria 😔
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    Real developers use try-catch instead of if-else
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    that's how I survived in the last 5 years.
    I used to write a log or send an email with stack trace, so I was able to fix production bugs in a very reactive way.

    After 100 customers, I dropped emails and logs, so now the application run flawlessly and I sleep better.

    When the customer finds a bug, if it's important enough, he will call support....
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    @deviloper hahah nice one.
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    @deviloper for maximum efficiency you have to generate the SO query link from the error message and put it in the mail body a la:
    "Hey you dumbo have you tried this?
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    @deviloper depends, either that or they just cancel their subscription and you lost that income.

    I have had two colleagues that used to do the same and it have cost the company millions in lost revenue and support time.
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    @Voxera I believe that. However in my business, Directors buy our application and Slave Employees use it. It's enough to take care that bug don't bubble up to Directors. And even then, just make our Director speak with their Director and blame poor slave users.
    Hence, my strategy is 100% effective
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    I used to log things in those... then IA decided to listen to Fortify's many complaints about log statements, even in debug mode... Fortify doesn't seem to care if it's empty, so long as it isn't "overly broad". :-/ Yup... definite improvement.
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