Windows is made for users who DON'T want full control. Funny tho how people wanting this control and seeing themselves needing this control are too stupid to find out how to actually control it.

But what am I saying. To cite @Stuxnet: REEE WINHOES BAD

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    Just because the control is there doesn’t mean you have to use it. I find there are plenty of really nice cushy Linux systems that you need not concern yourself with the “control.” The frustration stems from when using windows any time I want any control at all I can’t get it.

    Just because you don’t want control doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be available IMO. Thats like saying that because I don’t turn very often I probably don’t need a steering wheel or since I usually don’t have near misses on the way to work I probably don’t need brakes. 99.9% of the time I’m driving forward so why is reverse useful?

    I don’t think windows’ problem is fundamentally a lack of control, it’s more of a design methodology issue. The features of Unix and Unix like operating systems are atomic, portable, and orthogonal. Whereas windows the same functionality is macroscopic to an extreme degree, and not orthogonal. So to accomplish A, B, and then C in Unix, you need three tools that each do one of A,B, and C. These tools are simple and easy. In windows, there is one tool that does all of A,B and C in that order specifically with a shit ton of options that has more code in it then the three Unix tools combined. If you want to switch the order of A and B but still do C, Microsoft made you another gigantic separate tool that also has more code than the three Unix tools combined and also is super complicated.

    And worst of all, these Microsoft tools don’t always work even in the rare chance that they fit the use case.

    So long story short, I think Microsoft has dug themself a hole because the way they designed their ABI, their tool sets and ecosystems all suffer from this same lack of orthogonality. So it’s not that Microsoft is intentionally trying to deprive you of control I just think they fundamentally fail to produce well engineered software that accomplishes the task at hand efficiently and effectively.
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    And if they could, it would be so much code it couldn’t be maintained.
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    There are linux distros that are a lot easier to use than windows if you haven't learnt to use windows already.

    Windows is good for people who have spent the time and effort to learn how to make use of it.
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    @electrineer I spent my hildhood with windows on my dads mashine. I loved it. For me it was the greatest. But when I dug deeper into programming and exploring the depths of technology like compilers etc it just didn't work anymore. Everything felt too big for what it needed to do. The fucking dll hell became real af (see @FrodoSwaggins). Later I somehow learned about linux. And the change didn't feel difficult at all even though I used windows for so much more time before. Of course lots of things were new and I had to kinda relearn it (bash scripting and shit) but everything else like installing software and programming felt like gods blessing.
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