So I don't want to code again (or do anything, at all). I think my burnout is back. Send help!

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    When did it start?
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    May be silly suggestion but try some activity like swimming or some shit like that? Maybe try getting into new language/enviroment? Maybe try to create tiny small yet usefull pieces? Just ransom suggestions...
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    Time to learn a new stack, and project types.

    That's how I deal with it.
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    @alexbrooklyn my first burnout? About 2 years ago.
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    @DubbaThony @C0D4 I tried a different technology (lisp) from the stack I usually use but still, I can't get through and continue learning it. Maybe because it has different concepts that need a functional (pun intended) brain.
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    Burn out means it's no longer fun. You need to make it so.
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