laptop suggestions please:

- 13-14 inch screen
- min 8 gb ram (preferably 16)
- 128 gb storage
- i5 or i7
- 1200 x 800 resolution
- can run linux (no driver issues)
- can run flutter, android studio, and emulator
- $500 or less

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    Lenovo ThinkPad. Choose a series based on liking really.
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    The closest thing I can think of maybe is a Chromebook for that price range.
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    You cant even buy a monitor stand for that money xD
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    If you are adventurous, a Chromebook. My Acer R11 served me very well.

    If you choose Chromebook, take a look at Chromebrew (Disclaimer: I have contributed to this project) it is a life saver.
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    @ewpratten i had a chromebook and used gallium, the storage and ram weren't very good but the build quality was orgasmic
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    Nitendo switch
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