Not exactly dev related but possible because of my job.

After an interesting and emotional change during the last 0.5years, I am still here in
My job is good, could be better but definitely the best I’ve had so far..

I’m only here because of my job, it wouldn’t have been possible (at least not as easily) if I wasn’t a software engineer.

One of my dreams I saved for for years in Switzerland finally became true with just saving 4 months over here because the government doesn’t take everything you have left at the end of the month.

I finally got an old Jap...

This is my 1997 Toyota MR2 I bought on Monday..

So happy..

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    Its a bit too near at the water for me.
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    @stop shhh, don't disturb the drinking car
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    First of all, congratulations on your achievements!

    Now, may I ask, what is so special about that particular model? Does it have special meaning for you?
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    @stop That's not water, it's wet paver.
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    @telephantasm it’s not the Model, it’s the type of car I like.
    The engine right behind you, the smell of burning petrol in when driving, the amazing sound, its just something that makes me truly happy but it’s hard to find nowadays, therefore it gets more expensive.
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    @jespersh truethat.. actually, I’m just 3 years older than her..

    nah, going to the track soon to get to know her better. Until then I’ll be careful. After that I’ll keep having respect:)
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    You have great taste! I'm jelly.
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