Flying to Romania with my 6 months young son for the first time!

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    Oh half the plane is going to hate you. Hope it isn't a long flight. My mood is always ruined by people bringing their super young kids on planes because they're obviously going to wail from takeoff to landing. Every time. Have a nice trip though 😁
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    @Elyz 4 hours flight.
    My boy is usually very chill
    Hope it'll hold up in the plane too
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    @purpletoxicrain people always say that, but you can't really predict how they will react to the pressure change and you can't explain to them why it feels weird in their ears. Good luck with that 😂
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    As a father, good luck with that flight, and just ignore the complainers.
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    Being there done that. Small advice from me, give your child a bottle on take off and landing will make them more calm.
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    Take enough garlic with you, preferably in your cabin baggage - especially if the landing is scheduled after sunset.
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    @Fast-Nop really? The vampire stereotype again.
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    @purpletoxicrain He's going to Romania so there's higher chance of vampire attack, especially at night (hence the garlic advice).
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    @Jilano I feel stupid no making this connection
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    Give the child something to suck on because it releases the pain in the ears
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    Hey man, welcome to Romania. If you pass trough Bucharest and wanna grab a beer or something, give me a ping on Telegram @balaianu :)
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    @balaianu I will be at Bucharest!
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    Actually you should really give your baby something to drink at take off and before landing as babies need up to 5 minutes for pressure changes unlike adults where it usually takes seconds. drinking helps babies with it.
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    The baby made it without crying!
    No trick was needed, he was playing the whole time.

    Love him!
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    @purpletoxicrain Well done! Now you have to meet with @balaianu.
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    @Jilano if I'll survive this city ;/
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