Pure first world problems

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    But DRM is good, Until they pull the plug.... yea I'm an anti-drm guy, but don't confuse this for not willing to pay for content.

    You do not own the books, you mearly pay to view them for an unspecified amount of time.
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    DRM is a stupid concept as it makes the product you can buy worse than the product you can acquire for free.
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    How long until Apple does the same with iTunes? Place your bets

    Do I hear 10 years?
    Do I hear 5?
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    Didn't even know Microsoft had a ebook business
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    @RocketSurgeon Apple removed DRM from Itunes sometime ago.
    But yes - DRM should die, because it is an imcentive to pirate stuff that you want to buy. It was motivated by pure greed, and the idea that you only rent the content, not buy it.
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    I still buy paper books. I have a kindle with some books I “permanently borrowed” from various sources, but paper is preferred.
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    The 'rent' idea might not be so bad if the books didn't cost as much as the paperbacks... and occasionally more.
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    DRM must die.
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    @RocketSurgeon dude....
    March 31, 2019 was the date when they stopped any further downloads

    And will be dead way sooner than 5-10 years
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    Itunes did not stop downloads.
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    Fahrenheit 451, 21st century version
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    I really don't understand how you can buy a physical book, own it, lend it to friends, resell it.

    But you can't do the same with software versions..

    Some you can, or could in the dim and distant past..

    I remember reselling an app to a friend and getting it officially transferred, the company wasn't happy about it and I think I was the only customer of theirs to ever do it, but they didn't at the time have a policy to say they couldn't !

    I wonder, now he is dead, can I transfer it back to me again..

    That's another thing that pisses me off, you can't inherit software items so easily !
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    Some games/apps have such annoying DRM, even when you paid for them, and you can't get them to install, the company is no longer in business, and there is no pirated version available anywhere.

    I do try to avoid buying DRM stuff, but just sometimes, its the only product that does the job..

    I remember once such, always needing floppy in the drive, it wore the drive out !
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    @RememberMe Favorite book of all time. Perfect reference.
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