Got migrated from 3-nerd room to 18 person open office. Even call centers have cubicles, but noooo.

Who the FCK invented open plan offices?

I can see how the morons are rubbing their two cells together:
"Who on earth would like to have some quiet when thinking? Thinking is for nerds! Sales people make money and they like to yell all over the F!#!#! place.

Fck this. Turning in my resignation today.

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    but you could turn it into an opportunity of working full-time remote?
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    @heyheni Yeah, that could be an option, but I'm fed up with this place. This is just the last straw.
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    Managers like communication...keeps them in work. And, their work means interruptions aren't particularly damaging.

    No-one knows how to quantify dev output.

    Therefore, open plan offices proliferate.
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    The Germans invented it but Americans perfected it.

    Or is that perverted it?
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    Open office plans simply mean that you can cram more people into a given area. The bean counter fucktards see lower housing cost and don't care about ruined productivity because there's no formula in Excel for that.
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    I'm working at a semi-open office.
    People shut the fuck up, however, or at least not scream around. So it's not that bad.
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    Open floor plan here too, mostly because we're small and it's cheap, but people are pretty quiet/respectful, and we have a lot of flexibility with working remote and coming in when we feel like it, so it's ok for now. I do wish I had a cubicle sometimes...
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    @rutee07 Thx. 22 days left and counting. (yeah, I had 1 month resignation period in my contract.)
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