So after a llllllloooooonnnnnnngggggg struggle with the team i've been working with, today is the day that my group move to a different org and start working with a different team.

This is a huge step in the right direction for us and we are so happy. This new team is much bigger, but has been around for a lot longer and has proper processes in place and works a lot smoother. Never going to be perfect, but still going to be much more workable and we are so ...... thats an interesting linter file, hhhmmm they have disabled all the checks for the stuff that will cause crashes, like force unwrapping ... but they've enabled the rule to make sure our imports are sorted alphabetically

... nope, cant do it, no sign of intelligent life in this company at all. linkedin here I come.

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    Now’s the time to introduce them to the concept of ‘living life by the 6 P’s’:


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    I was happy to read you finally moved on to a better place but you've just moved to another plane of hell.
    Good luck out there mad coder.
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    Can you please give the hash of the name of the company you work for? So that I can check it against my job offers
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    @stacked haha, sure. Here’s some SHA-1’s. Well I technically work for:

    a) 656134dc475c99bf3437c73d8bde470445e61f75

    But they were bought over by:

    b) 72648cf533a13db0f0bb09d3f4730f992f12e82a

    And I work exclusively with B. I think A would be a great place to work if it wasn’t for B.

    Was it either of them?
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    @Number0 proper planning can’t be performed by stupid though.
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    @practiseSafeHex cool, I tried different capitalization and whitespace combinations, and it seems like I won't end up in that hell 😁

    I hope I won't end up in another hell though 😬
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    @stacked I did mine in all lowercase. There was no white spaces.

    Congrats on not turning into me ... possibly
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