Sometimes I wish I was allowed to just strangle my colleagues...

Example from the 'code base':

except Exception as e:

When I asked why they would redo the same call right after it failed I was told that 'It works the second time because it takes time to raise the Exception '.

Bitch, you've got a race condition in your sensitive banking software. You know it's there. Do you really want to trust the time needed to raise your exception will always be enough to synch that dumpster fire you call code?
Show some fucking respect for your craft and fix that shit. But of course they won't, because it will work flawlessly until it suddenly stops working. Taking down who knows what in this damn, undocumenred monolith with it....

Sometimes I'm honestly afraid to trust banks with my money.

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    I already ++ after the first sentence
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    Oh it didn't work the first time? Why not delaying it instead of actually understand what went wrong!

    People sometime.... people...
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    I work for banks. Many banks. You shall never trust them with your money.
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    Your anger is misplaced, though. Each and every single one industry holds on spit and wire because it's cheap and it holds until it doesn't. Fintech is just the tip of the mountain.
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    They are incentivized to make features. They are not incentivized to make good code.

    This idea doesn't just exist in banking. I've found it in every industry and technical debt always comes due.
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    This reminds me of
    if(something() == failed)
    log error();
    throw Exception();

    try; catch; finally; I guess.
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