I am trying to find a development job in Europe is like someone trying to find a gold mine in desert

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    Where in Europe and do you have a working permit already (assuming you are no EU citizen)
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    As @Codex404 mentioned, we need more details.

    Just a quick reminder that "Europe" is not a country. There a re lots of different laws depending on where you are trying to get a job.
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    So there are gold mines in deserts 3 meters apart?
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    And that's why the government wants to import more web developers even though where I live we're like prostitutes, i.e one on every street corner...
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    @Codex404 no i don't have is it hard to get a work permit ?
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    @cervantes01 but as linkedin you can find jobs like crazy but no one call :(
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    @smb26 i have the required skills but need them to call
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    @TheDane I am from Lebanon, Beirut. Do you think i have to mention it in my cv ? They didn't even call and ask me for the permit
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    @Mba3gar they probably assume you have it already.
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    @TheDane i think that's the best decision to move first then find a job but it needs very hard dedication and luck
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    @Codex404 yes you are right
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