At one of my previous companies, there was a guy, let's call him X.
X was the ideal employee.
X used to come to office at 8.
X used to go to sleep in AC office.
X used to wake up at 10 when everyone started coming in.
X used to play Uno and Pokemon Go till 6.
X was a master in Uno and Pokemon Go.
X used to wait till 8 to get free cab facility.
X didn't do one single productive piece of shit whole day.

My boss loved X Because he came early and left late.
My boss didn't give a damn if that person even switched on his laptop or not.
My boss didn't care about productivity.
I didn't come on time and didn't leave on time (I travelled in non-traffic hours)
I slogged my ass off because I really wanted to learn.
My boss scolded me, asked to be like X.
This was the last straw.
I resigned the next day.

I never wanted to be like X. Seeing him daily, motivated me so much.
When I worked, I focussed on it, I didn't keep checking the clock waiting for it to hit 5 pm.
I aimed for productivity, set realistic targets and always achieved them, no matter what.
My boss was an a--hole. I met X and Boss recently. Both are still in the same role, just scraping through.
Felt really good that I worked hard and have achieved something in life ^_^

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    workethic level: Indian
    everything is fine as long the bureaucracy proceedure is followed.
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    Boss is an idiot. X just had fun. Don’t hate him.
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    Been there! Left there! Those are huge red flags that the whole culture is fucked.
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    @heyheni nah, Indian work ethics are a bit different. Copy/paste stuff and make a hundred changes in similar places instead of factoring out common things. Then test it manually instead of scripting, still forget half of the cases and go home after 11 hours straight. Deliver as is.
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    In your case I would have asked if he was sure about that and then put my feet on the table and sleep until the end of the day.
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    @Fast-Nop This was the Indian team I was put in charge of one time. You know them too!?
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    @Fast-Nop Spot on!!!! Exactly why I left my last job 👌👌
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    @grumpyoldaf X was an a--hole also. He obviously never did any work, my boss always teamed me up with him to make me change my timings. No amount of complaints worked because the boss won't hear anything negative about his wonder boy. So I had to do the work of 3 people alone because for me deadline is a deadline, not a mile marker. Good it paid off at the end.
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    @mangodb Next time something like this happens ask them to suck each other s dick off and refuse to do work of multiple people. Your commitment to work is commendable but you’re on borderline pushover territory here matey
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    Plot twist: X is son of the boss 😂
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    @mucalena I wish. It would have made some sense at least.
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    @mangodb out of curiosity, was "mongodb" taken or is it a parody?
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    @BadFox It is a parody. One of my clients once asked me whether we used "new" technologies like mangodb. Hence the name stuck :P
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