Privacy Policy done right

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    Still not gonna read it lmao
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    So lawyers are not humans? I knew it! 😆
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    Fun fact: It is possible to write a "human readable" and legally binding privacy policy at the same time.
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    So, why do we even *need* the one for lawyers? Presumably because the one for humans doesn't provide a complete and unambiguous description of the facts.

    If there are two sets of T&Cs then I still need to read them *both*---unless I'm only being asked to accept the version on the left. If I'm accepting *both* boxes by using the service then the human version is no more than, at best, some interpretation notes for the *real* T&Cs on the right.
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    I remember @Linux did this for his cloud storage service too (OperationTulip, in case anyone is interested). It's nice.
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    @sbiewald actually, that's what the GDPR demands. Confusing legalese isn't allowed because it only serves for hiding sneaky things.
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    It is not named after that thou :)
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    Yeah I know about it, but it is not named after that :)
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    It is a reference to this for example, and other operations:


    Ofc, Operation (almost any plant) will be associated with some bad thing.
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    Definitely doing this with my next project!
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