Why can't laptop makers stop putting windows as the default OS in their systems.. I don't wanna pay extra for some pice of crap I'm going to throw out anyway..

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    Because it's what the majority of people want out the box when they buy a new laptop? (when they aren't purchasing apple products at least) That being said I know some manufacturers do let you pick what OS you want on there when you order. Ngl I don't see a problem, it's not that difficult to put something else on there 🤔
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    Create USB boot disk.
    Add what ever you want on first boot.

    Manufacturers install MS, because:
    A) ~90% of the world uses windows
    B) massive driver support out of the box
    C) high end laptops (gaming) don't have the support of AAA titles to use anything else
    D) I'm sure there's a $$$$ kickback to have it pre-installed.
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    When I bought my gaming laptop I got it home and booted straight to bios and then to arch Linux. Formatted SSd and HDD. Only time the laptop booted up windows was when I had to update BIOS and even that booted from windows installed on USB.
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    And sometimes OEMs let you choose which OS you want. Well better say windows or nothing.
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    1. Linux folks will buy laptops regardless of whether Windows is on them or not, because people do need hardware that's not Apple. Also it's very hard to custom build laptops.
    2. Every windows license sold is extra $ for the manufacturer/Microsoft. Plus it literally costs them/MS nothing to add Windows to a laptop, it's just a software install.
    3. Many people like dual booting.
    4. Linux desktop market is pretty small, they can afford to ruffle a few feathers :p

    That said a few manufacturers do have OS-less/FreeDOS/Linux options, and you also have niche folks like System76.
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    A bunch of netbooks manufacturers tried this years ago. People kept returning them saying they couldn't run their apps.

    When vendors offer both options, are Linux laptops cheaper? Isn't Windows Home free?
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    They are probably paid by Microsoft to not offer any options. The same way Intel has done in the past.
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    Yes a discount of 5 euros on a 1000 euro product is gonna matter...

    They prefer round numbers either way so you will still pay the same prize
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    @platypus no, its 5 euros, not enough to let manufacturers pay the price.
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    Just buy a laptop with FreeDOS as alibi OS. Most vendors don't sell Linux laptops because the support cost would go through the roof.
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    What's next, complaining about laptops that come with Ubuntu installed (since you might remove that one too)?
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    @irene I doubt that 5 euro per device is gonna make the price lower...
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    @irene Still a laptop of 199,99 euros is not gonna be sold for 194.99 euros because of it.
    It will still be 199.99. But the money will go to the manufacturer instead of MS.
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    I worked for a major computer refurbishing and manufacturer and the price for MS windows licenses is ridiculously cheap. It costs about $6 CAD per license for a new machine and $2 CAD for a refurb license. It makes no difference at all. Just wipe it and install arch.
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