Why is it so hard to remember, that devs need an error message if they should help you. just saying "it does not work" is not helping.
I even wrote you a checklist. so f*ing use it! I'm not there to be called every time just to tell you to do something that's already on this list.
Every. F**ing. Time.

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    That's why you log everything. Start with every key the user presses and every movement of the mouse cursor. While you're at it, log the users facial expression too if a camera is available.
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    Yeah, I feel your pain but that's just not ever going to happen in my experience.... But be sure to bring up the fact that they didn't provide you any useful information if you're being nagged about a fix "Well, if you had given me the information I asked for this would be done by now, but don't worry, I'll still fix it"
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