My favorite excuse overheard for running Windows over Linux: "I like my sh*t to work."

Then... as if it was planned, his presentation PC running Windows force rebooted to install patches.

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    Karma, man.
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    That doesn't mean his shit doesn't work. Windows just had to update, nothing broke, bruh. I use Windows because not all games work on Linux and Mac is too expensive for a product that loves to have ports removed out of it.
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    I like my sh*ll to work :)
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    @OnyxDarkKnight I used to dual boot for that same reason, now I just don't play anything anymore 😂
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    @OnyxDarkKnight Forcing a restart, while the system is actively being used is the definition of "broken".

    Rarely do patches in other operating systems request a restart, let alone Force one.
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    @T3hbeowulf That's why I edited my reg files to stop Win from updating. But force updating is not considered broken if it's an intended feature. Stupid, annoying or inconvenient would fit the bill more in this case.
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    @OnyxDarkKnight your last reply reminds me of "this is not a bug, it's a feature!". But admit it, it is a really monkey-stupid feature (if is intended)! You can't force the user to reboot his system AT ANY COST. Sure, you can disable it, but it should be done from regedit - a tool not everyone knows - to set up something NORMAL.
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    @veshsare I totally agree with you. That is one of the biggest pet-peeves I have with Windows. It's stupid and unnecessary. I don't even know why this is a thing. Who from Microsoft said "You know what would be cool? Forced updates that people can't cancel out of" and then directors went "Brilliant!"
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