Fuck SSIS.

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    Is that a new terror organization? I can't keep up with modern geopolitics.
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    And here, kids we see you average user. They are the representatives of a rare species known as homo-developus. Their main characteristic is flaming a seemingly normal programming language, but they don't provide any sort of insentive to do so. All their brains can process is "Fuck $x". The species do not have to eat. All they need to survive is a functioning computer, and coffee. An average homo-developus can consume upwards or 10 liters of coffee per day.
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    Google "SSIS"
    Wtf is this and why do you hate on... oh wait it's SQL Server related, nevermind me go back to your MS flame wars.
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    Hey yo ssis 🙋🏼‍♀️
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