Left a php job because I was fed up with php and was promised I could work with different languages.

Start new job, 2 weeks of work with a different language. A few days away from completing the micro service and it's been decided it's going to be deleted and I've been told I'm now to fix bugs in php.

Actually given up on life. Dont want to go in. Want to work at KFC. Had enough of being a php fixer :'(

Feel like the job I was sold now doesn't exist.

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    Once a php dev, always a php dev.
    mind you, I'm breaking out to java as much as I can but those php projects keep paying my bills.
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    Had an interview for php & golang dev, at the time wanted to learn golang so applied. In interview I was told that they don’t use golang anymore and only php now, because productivity with golang is low. What morons, they chose php as better option for writing internal api for mobile app. Clearly they only “tried” it for a day. And in general it ended up being worst interview I ever had, even wrote a rant back then.

    Currently I am still php dev, but my company allows me to work on personal goals 2 hours/week, so I am investing that time on learning go and creating some portfolio for my next job.
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    I have worked with ColdFusion and PHP a lot and I hate both languages, just not my cup of tea. Never mentioned it in my CV or at interviews and never had to use it ever again 😏
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    @frickerg that's my plan now
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