I am working as intern with a super cool startup. I love working here.

But, for the past few days I've been busy with college, exams stuff. This has affected my work severely. I'm constantly past deadlines etc.. The startup understands the fact and also puts no pressure on me for to show up every day and decreased my workload.

College work will be the same for the next two months. I don't want to underperform at the company, at the same time cant do away with my college too.

It's like a relationship where you love the girl a lot but are genuinely too busy to spend time with her.

I'm meeting my supervisor today. I need a subtle way to let him know of the same. I know this would mean me leaving the company, but I want to join them back after two months. Or at least be a work from home, part time employee.

I'm in serious need of some help.

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    Good luck there. From what you said those guys from the startup seem like reasonable people. Keep us posted!
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    I don't think you need subtle necessarily, just be honest and clear about the situation. I'm sure it will be fine.
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    Honesty and clarity are always the way to go. If they let you go then at least it will be on honest terms and then also rejoining will be easier since they fully understood the termination. If they do not understand then they are not the company for you right now.
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    I think you could use the same metaphor with whom you're gonna talk to (if he's Linda human). I got it and in a certain way helped me to understand the situation.
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    So, here's what happened.

    When I said I wanted to talk to him. He suggested we meet at a coffee shop nearby.

    We met. We started discussing about work stuff. Working on the design aspects of the app we are developing.

    Once done, he asked me what I wanted to talk about.

    I explained him the situation. That I have college so I can't work but would like to join back after exam.

    He says "that's all? That's the problem you have. "

    Me: umm...yeah

    He: Okay! Take a break for 5 weeks, join back when you're available.

    Just like that!. 😀

    And then he also helped me with tips on how to prepare for exams etc...
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    Congrats, that is those are the right people to work for.
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    Holy shit, I would pay for working with guys like this one.
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    That is awesome! It's great to have an understanding boss/company. Definitely go back when you're done!
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    @mcraz Excellent! So pleased that it all worked out for you.
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